Monday, May 3

Re organizing the studio

I just purchased a second hand cabinet that is identical to the grey one in the picture on the right. So now I have a matching pair.  So to make room the studio needed a bit of an overhaul.

Everything has to be emptied out to move the cabinets.

So for a while there was a larger mess than what I started with.

Friday, April 23

Dolls house windows will be the end of me!

Progress so far.... working on the top floor windows as the moment.

Inside view of the top floor windows.

Looking from the outside - in.

Sunday, April 18

Late nights making windows.

Once I start a project I find it hard to put down - and never manage to get to bed on time.

Wednesday, April 14

Three new pieces for the gallery

'Inside Out'

'Inside Out'

'Looking Glass'

'Looking Glass'



Thursday, April 8

Windows in progress

Working on making the windows for the dolls house. 
1:24 scale, 1/2 an inch = a foot.

Monday, April 5

Monday, March 29

Sunday, March 21

Slow Progress

Progress is slow but I'm enjoying the process.

Thursday, March 18

New project

Decided to build a scale dolls house - this is 'The Bodwell House' in Hallowell Main, USA.  Built in the late 1800's, this was the home to the governor Joseph R Bodwell.
I colected as many pictures off the net that I could find on the bodewell house and started to plot out the proportions of the building.
Purchased some supplies from the local model shop.

Cut out all the main pieces to construct the exterior.

Wednesday, February 24

Nest necklace

Having fun playing around with the idea of nests and eggs - tricky part is finding beads that have the look of eggs.

Two new pieces for the gallery

Put these into the Gallery last weekend and the green one sold before the end of the day.  

Saturday, January 23

Saturday, January 16

Cabinet for the Gallery



I got this cabinet off trade me and gave it a good clean,  a fresh coat of shellac, and re-lined the back with some fabric.  Last weekend, with the help  of my father we put up this cabinet in the gallery.
Then I filled it up with new jewellery for sale (sold 2 pairs of earrings while I was putting jewellery into the cabinet).