Monday, July 19

SENZ Craft show

Spent the weekend displaying at the SENZ papercraft show in Christchurch.  This is a snapshot of our stall - we set it up with a garden theme.

Made quite a few new card samples to display at the show.

We released a selection of new stamps that I designed over the last couple of months.

Birdhouse Prop for craft show

I created this birdhouse for an upcoming craft show.  The show is going to be a Garden theme and this will hang as a prop.  I used thick card to create the shape and large popsicle sticks for the roof tiles.  I used adirondack acrylic paint, flower soft and stamps to decorate.

Sunday, May 9

Mothers Day

Just finished making cards & wrapping presents for the Mums.
Used some nice scrapbooking paper for the feature on the card and for the faux postage stamp.  

I have had this metal trim in a draw for years waiting for the perfect project.

Stamped the post marks on the envelope and used decorative scissors with a stamp edge to cut out the stamp.
For my Mum, I cut down scrapbooking paper to card size.  (just big enough to leave a fine border around the edge of the card).  This will help Mum as she is often short on time when it comes to making a card.

Monday, May 3

Night class

I am currently taking a night class in metal work.  I'm  going to lean welding, wrought iron work, folding and shaping metal etc.... The class is a bit of a free-for-all, everyone is doing different projects. Each night I am hoping to lean another machine or technique. Tonight I learnt to spot weld.

Re organizing the studio

I just purchased a second hand cabinet that is identical to the grey one in the picture on the right. So now I have a matching pair.  So to make room the studio needed a bit of an overhaul.

Everything has to be emptied out to move the cabinets.

So for a while there was a larger mess than what I started with.

Friday, April 23

Dolls house windows will be the end of me!

Progress so far.... working on the top floor windows as the moment.

Inside view of the top floor windows.

Looking from the outside - in.

Sunday, April 18

Late nights making windows.

Once I start a project I find it hard to put down - and never manage to get to bed on time.

Stash Rehash Market 2010

Here is my haul from the stash rehash market today.  

Just love the packaging of old items.

Wooden cotton reals are getting harder to find.

Giant scissors! will be great for a future sculpture.

Wednesday, April 14

Three new pieces for the gallery

'Inside Out'

'Inside Out'

'Looking Glass'

'Looking Glass'



Thursday, April 8

Windows in progress

Working on making the windows for the dolls house. 
1:24 scale, 1/2 an inch = a foot.

Monday, April 5