Thursday, November 26

New Junk

Came home today from the junk shop with this lot
(pictured above) for just $2 !
Then there was the small matter of putting them all away in the right place (in one of the many draws in my studio) so that I can find them later when I need them.

Amazing what a little water and soap can do!

Wednesday, November 18

Small things that make you smile

Sometime the small things in life make you smile the hardest.  Like the rubbish bin outside work, where someone had crammed in some packing material.  I thought it looked like a giant tissue box!

Monday, November 9

Warm weather

Warm weather just makes you happy!  Living next to the botanical gardens is quite a treat at this time of year and I often enjoy a walk amongst the flowers.

Christmas Swap

I have recently signed up for a Christmas ornament swap for New Zealanders. There will be 6 people in my group (group 4), makes me wonder just how many people signed up!  So now the decision process starts - what to make, what material to make them out of and what colours to go for.  Then there is the small matter of getting my A into G and get them made! Looking forward to the challenge and seeing what others come up with.

Sunday, November 8

New piece for the Gallery

Last week I put a new piece up in the gallery, I have neglected the gallery as much as my blog of late and now have some ground to make up.  I hand cut the book to place the laser-cut wooden trees inside.  The wooden trees have been hanging around half made in the craft room for over a year waiting to be made finished off.

My Trip to Egypt and Europe

Well as you may have noticed my poor little blog has been sorely neglected of late. I blame my overseas trip. . . before the trip I spent all my time researching the places I was soon to visit, then on returning I never got back into the swing of things.
My trip started in Cairo - Egypt and finished in Athens - Greece, with many a place inbetween. We were away for almost two months and had a wonderful time seeing and experiencing so many new places and things.

I fell in love with the Greek island of 'Santorini', we stayed in the little village of Oia, located on the very edge of the island, where one of the worlds most famous sunsets take place.

I did manage to keep a travel blog while I was over there, You can skip to it here if you are interested.