Wednesday, December 30

Wooden Christmas Tree

I made these to give away to everyone a few Christmases back. I designed them by sketching the idea up first then plotted them out on the computer so they would slot together. They were cut out on a laser machine out of thin MDF and were about 15cm high.

Sunday, December 27

Soldered Decoratons

I made these decorations for my work mates this year (I always make them a Christmas decoration each christmas).  These were soldered and given a little polish.  I used small facetted glass from a stained glass window supplier.

Monday, December 21

For the person who want's nothing.

Go that special person in your life who want's nothing for Christmas.  How about giving them one of these? I just used stiff card to keep it's shape.

Wednesday, December 16

Artwork verses Christmas

My artwork is suffering at the moment, I should be making more pieces as I just sold one yesterday.  But Christmas prep has taken over - Christmas cards, decorating the tree, shopping etc.  Maybe after Christmas day I can settle down and get things done.

Tuesday, December 8

Christmas Swap Birds

So these are my Christmas Swaps - wee felt birds with buttons and feathers attached.  Here are some photo's of the process of getting them made: