Wednesday, February 27

New Art Pieces

These are the two new pieces I have just finished and hung up at the gallery.
The first is 'Padlock' - when standing in front the piece it looks as if it is made up of flat slats of wood, it's not till you move to the side that you see the shape of the padlock.
The seacond is 'The Block' - cut from the top of an old wooden door frame, with small dictionary terms in the windows eg: house, flat, crib, abode etc .

Wednesday, February 20

My Gallery

I share a gallery space with two other artists (my Mother and my Auntie). My auntie paints in the studio during the day and my Mother and I have a small gallery space beside hers that we have called 'The Wee Gallery'.
Our gallery is located in the 'Old Brick Mill' at the Waikuku beach turn off. We are the small building on the far right in the picture.

Astric Sandwich & Gift Shop

This is the little shop in Colombo Street, Christchurch that I supply my handcrafts to. I love to make all sorts of unusual jewellery and at the moment have a soft spot for sock monkeys.

Tuesday, February 19